Top Secret Investigation Pvt. Ltd. is a trustworthy detective agency in Mumbai that has been excelled in pouring optimum energy to get the desired outcomes. We have become the great achievers as our investigation process is very confidential and scientific. Background check investigation is a significant investigation process which should performed only by the licensed and credible detective agency and we are one of them to work under law and instruction by government authority. Back ground check investigation becomes crucial when you are having a future perspective of your life, and it can be personal or professional both. If you are planning to get married, then you need to know all information related to your life partner. Because one wrong stop can ruin your life so it is belter to take caution rather to cry and repent.

Top Secret Investigation Agency believes that there must be no doubt on the mind when you starting a new phase of life whether it is about personal or corporate. Background check investigation has become necessary for marriage and business world because we cannot take risk for our future. Our detective agencies are mastered in verification process so it will be easy for them to find the real information about the target entity. You should be attentive and positive for his future and this can happen only when you assign this critical task to the trustworthy organization like us

Top Secret Investigation Pvt Ltd conduct the process mentioned in below

In personal background check investigation

  1. Financial background
  2. job or business profile
  3. Social status
  4. Any bad habit like smoking or drug abuse
  5. Behavior of person
  6. Relationship with other men or women

In corporate background check investigation

  1. Employee previous job
  2. Temperament of employee
  3. Pressure handling capacity
  4. Bank statement salary slip if available
  5. Any criminal record
  6. Any bad habit, drug abuse etc.

We must understand that if we need future without having any doubt then we have to contact the reliable investigation agency which can perform background check investigation efficiently and make our life smooth and secure.