Since the current age is emphatically equipped with technology and it becomes mandatory to match with the steps of latest algorithm of technology. We at Top Secret Investigation Pvt. Ltd are pleased that we have been constantly delivering wonderful services as prominent detective services in Mumbai. We obtain entire investigation services like corporate and personal detective services. We are qualified and appreciated by our clients because we are not only limited to India, but we have also contributed our detective services in all over the world.

We use the latest technology of videography and still photography which is used widely to gather the information and recording purpose. It is an inclusive strategy to capture the movements and activities of the target person and hand over all the substantial records and proofs to the client. And the client would be happy to submit these evidences to the court so that their case becomes strong. We are an excellent investigation agency which is capable to come out with hidden truth of the suspect.

No matter what is your case, whether it is about a corporate investigation or personal investigation services, Top Secret Investigation Pvt. Ltd has always conducted a superlative investigation process in which we confirmed the verification of evidences. Most of the people in business want to investigate about their employee's background check and all that. Sometime as a businessman if you feel that your employee is not dedicated to your company and it might be possible that he can be dangerous for your organization. You don't know that he could be the player of your rival company so in that case videography and still photography is an effective investigation approach. And if we talk about personal relationships, then todays the relationships doesn't stay long as the infidelity of partners have been increased so still photography and videography is a relevant and efficient investigation approach.