Getting married is very important and crucial decision of life and if you have planned to settle down, then you should assure that the person whom you want to marry is genuine or not. At present we have seen that there are so many cases come to the lights which have been registered as the marriage frauds. This is because people don't inquire properly, which lead them to get ditched. It is better to assign the investigation task of the India' top leader matrimonial investigation agency which is Top Secret Investigation Pvt. Ltd. We strive to dig out the truth with the help of our qualified and experienced detective agents. We believe in advanced technology, therefore our investigation team uses modern gadgets and equipments that can cover the real activities and movements of the suspects. We use still photography, videography, microphone, audio recording, etc. to gather evidence. There is no any question on that we are one of the most trustworthy matrimonial detectives in Mumbai.

The steps which we take during our matrimonial investigation

  • Financial background of suspect
  • Social reputation of target person
  • Criminal records verification if any
  • Any bad habit like drug abuse, smoking or drinking
  • Love affairs in present or past
  • Present and past official background
  • Behavior and nature of the target person
  • Any former relationship like divorce in past

Pre and post Matrimonial investigation in Mumbai

As a human being we everybody wants to live in the society peacefully and everyone depends upon one another which is the ideal ways of structured living standard. But at the same time we have seen that there are countless disturbing elements and crooks who aimed to deceive you anyway. So when you are planning to get married you need to think carefully about your prospected bride/groom. And it is suggested that you should verify the background of your future partner so that you get assurance that the person whom you have chosen is right for you or not. We know that marriage is a sacred relationship between two individual having different background therefore without having proper investigation, it could be a disaster for any individual to take forward steps in getting married. Hence Pre matrimonial investigation is the requirement of today's social environment.

It becomes compulsory to inquire about your partner if he/she conducts abnormal behavior in the house. This can happen because dissatisfaction, extramarital affairs, ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, etc. If your partner is not spending much time with your children, which she/he does normally; then it might be possible that something is cooking. So don't live a doubtful life and hire a reputed post matrimonial investigation agency which will work for you to dig out the reasons behind the infidelity of your spouse. Being a frontrunner matrimonial investigation agency, we assure intense confidentiality to the client and provide genuine and strong evidences of target subject.

Post matrimonial investigation comprises entire movements and social gathering of the suspect, such as time of leaving house, personal meetings, phone conversation, and corporate gatherings. We would deliver very possible details with advanced gadgets and technology like videography, still photography, audio recording, etc. which can be a great source of concrete evidence for your court proceeding. Matrimonial investigation is the need of current society as there are so many problem arise in people's personal life such as extramarital affairs, spouse infidelity, in laws behavior, privacy get halted by in laws and so on. This situation cannot become an ideal for any individual therefore you need to appoint expert matrimonial investigation agency such as Top Secret investigation Pvt Ltd, which will take care of your case and provide you firm evidence against your target person.

The success of Top Secret Investigation can be witnessed by their commitments and intense passion about their investigation process. With highly talented group of detective agents who have worked in different genre of investigation services we are indisputably an accredit investigation service providers in Mumbai and all Over India. We have successfully managed to maintain our standards as we don't compromise with our principles because we think that customer's requirements should be fulfilled without any delay. And confidentially of case is tightly committed from our side.


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