Surveillance Investigation has always been an important segment of investigation operations. It is widely used by private investigation agencies to follow the person and capture all his activities. By observing all entire movements and routine of suspect it would be easy for any person to know the authenticity of claims made by the target person. Surveillance is the most appropriate and concrete way to obtain real time data about the physical appearance and activities of the person.

Nowadays surveillance investigation becomes significant because there have been so many fraud cases is increasing hence when someone is providing any details to you it is compulsory cross check its validation through surveillance investigation governed by India's top leading investigation agency Top Secret Investigation Pvt Ltd. We have employed competent team loaded with high expertise of conducting surveillance investigation in corporate field as well as personal investigation. We have selected detective professionals who have prior successful experience to handle surveillance investigation; furthermore they know the nuances of surveillance operation so it becomes easy for them to dig out the reality of suspect. The requirement of surveillance investigation is increased from past decade so we always maintain the high standards in investigation process and always deploy the latest technological update for the betterment of investigation.